Peter’s ‘Art for Timor’ Works

The 'Art for Timor' Committee is thrilled that so many Geelong locals are enjoying their visits to the Rachinger Gallery to view the 'Art for Timor' Art show. For those who are currently unable to visit the gallery space, long time committee member (and former GVFS President) Peter Cannon has provided us with a sneak... Continue Reading →

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Meet our ‘Art for Timor’ Judge

The Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools committee is delighted to introduce our 'Art for Timor' judge Alison White. Alison has kindly volunteered her time to judge GVFS's 'Art for Timor' art show. For each artist category, Alison will be making her assessments on the following criteria. A) Interpretation of the Theme B) Originality C) Technical Skill (in... Continue Reading →

Why Timor Leste?

The flag of Timor-Leste A reminder as to why our friends and neighbour Timor Leste warrants our support. I have just read Crossing the Line by Kim McGrath. The plight and tragedy of the Timorese is graphically portrayed as the story of the oil boundary unfolds. The author focuses on the Timor Sea and our government’s negotiations... Continue Reading →

Clonard’s 2020 Timor Team Update

Sadly this year, the 18 Clonard students from Year 11 were unable to participate in our immersion program to explore East Timor and visit our sister school Uaimori in the Viqueque region. During the time at Clonard in the lead up to the planned immersion dates, the students organised several BBQs and cake/slice stalls to... Continue Reading →

Preparing your artwork for exhibition

We are fast approaching the Art for Timor Art Show! Whilst a lot of attention has gone into creating artwork, it is important to remember that they will be exhibited. This means that artists need to ensure that their artworks are ready to hang or display. Digital presentations and graphic artworks can be submitted via... Continue Reading →

A Long Haul, A Huge Outcome

In these difficult days I am pleased to pass on some good news. After a lot of hard work and dedication Simmy de Rosario and Afonso Soares have now successfully completed their Masters program at Deakin University. As a result of these studies they have both been successful in recent applications for Directors positions at the... Continue Reading →

‘Art for Timor’ Registration Form Tips

Some artists have experienced difficulties in completing the ‘Artwork Details’ component of the registration form. GVFS have received questions specifically about the ‘Recommended sale price’ and ‘Passage about your artwork’ components. Below is some advice.   . Tip 1. Determining your sale price If artists wish to list their artwork for sale in the “Art... Continue Reading →

Kirsty Sword-Gusmão 2019 Study Tour

Rosemany Nugent with Xanana Gusmão . Geelong West resident and former teacher Rosemary Nugent, felt privileged to accompany First Lady Dr Kirsty Sword Gusmão AO and nine others on a Study Tour to Timor-Leste in August 2019.  There were many opportunities to witness the important role played by women in their community, including those associated... Continue Reading →

Fostering Tetun Literacy in Schools

GVFS was again delighted to have financially supported the excellent teacher training programs conducted by Mary MacKillop Today. Its Literacy Team continued its training in Viqueque with a five-day program for 45 primary teachers from remote schools. The objective of the training was to understand the new curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education with a... Continue Reading →

Young Timorese Fulfilling their Dreams

The Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools Committee have been elated and truely humbled by the amount of individuals responding with interest to our donor call out. Obrigadu barak to everyone who has committed to sponsoring Timorese students from extremely low income families to further their primary and secondary education by committing to an annual payment of $100... Continue Reading →

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