Old and New Friends

It was a meeting of old and new friends at the GVFS 10 year celebration dinner held recently at The Davidson Restaurant.

The connection between Geelong and East Timor has resulted in many partnerships and ongoing friendships, and we are incredibly proud of the work being taken up by the schools of Geelong. Education is the key to the future for this young country and having friends willing to help the people of East Timor re-establish their education system is both vital and a privilege.

At the dinner, we acknowledged the Butler family for their generous contribution that allowed for the establishment of libraries and the upskilling of staff in such a remote region.

A photographic exhibition added some colour to the evening on the theme ‘East Timor, Beautiful Land to the North’. With guests having the opportunity to purchase the framed prints at the end of the evening.

Laura Blanchard from Mary McKillop International was the keynote speaker. Laura took us through the programs being delivered with funding from GVFS in the Viqueque region.

Graeme Barton, from Christian College was also able to give a firsthand account of their 2018 teacher training program that’s going from strength to strength. It has been inspiring to see what Christian College have achieved and we take this opportunity to congratulate them.

10 years of friendship and support of education is certainly something to celebrate and thanks go to all who have been involved.

Thanks also to the staff and students at The Davidson Restaurant, always a beautiful setting and delicious meal.

Peter Cannon

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