Preparing your artwork for exhibition

We are fast approaching the Art for Timor Art Show! Whilst a lot of attention has gone into creating artwork, it is important to remember that they will be exhibited. This means that artists need to ensure that their artworks are ready to hang or display.

Digital presentations and graphic artworks can be submitted via USB. We do ask however, that the USB is labelled clearly with the artist’s name and artwork title. Please ensure the USB itself is physically labelled in addition to the electronic file name saved on the USB. To avoid any confusion, please also ensure that the registered work is the only file saved on the USB.

Sculptural works and small textiles will be displayed on podiums. All other artworks must be ready to hang in the gallery space when submitted. This includes works that are created on paper, canvas or a large textile. Artworks created on paper can either be framed or secured to a firm backing board. Smaller sized frames (A4 and smaller) with matteboard can be found at Target, K-mart, Big W and sometimes opportunity shops. Large frames with matteboard (A2, A1, Poster sizes and larger) can be found at Harvey Norman and In2memerabillia in Waunponds Shopping Centre. Canvases for painting can be purchased at most art stores. Artists wishing to custom frame their art or canvas print their photos may wish to go to a local framing business such as Kardinia Picture Framing in Moorabool Street, Geelong.

Suitable backing boards could include a sheet of matte board, a lightweight timber board or a sheet of firm cardboard. Frames, backing boards and canvases should then be fitted with two D-rings. One on the left and another on the right side of the frame. Framing wire connecting the to D-wires is not necessary. Please note that eye hooks in lewd of D-rings is not suitable. The two D-rings ensure the artwork can be hung from the celling from two vertical wires. Many commercially bought photo frames already come with D-rings however if needed, they can be purchased from Cavalier (1 Wright Place, Geelong) and some hardware stores. Artists choosing to secure their artwork on light weight backing boards such as cardboard, will not be able to install D-rings. These artists can instead create two string loops and secure (with strong tape) to the left and right sides of the backing board. Large textiles will also by hung from the vertical ceiling wires so long as the textile is securely fixed to a horizontal rod with D-rings or strong loops at each end. If artists registering large textiles would prefer to install their work in an alternate way, please contact the GVFS committee so we can coordinate with the Rachinger Gallery.

Brisbane’s Fixaframe have created a good youtube video explaining how to install D-rings. Please note that the felt bump ons and frame wire is not needed for the Rachinger Gallery to hang works.


The smallest of the D-rings featured in the above image should be suitable for most frames and canvases. Heaver artworks will require a larger D-ring.

Single anchor point frames are not ideal

Single anchor point frames such as the one featured above are not ideal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Committee with any questions you have. We look forward to seeing all the fantastic artworks the GVFS community have created in the weeks ahead.

Olivia Jackson-Corbeil

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