Clonard’s 2020 Timor Team Update

Sadly this year, the 18 Clonard students from Year 11 were unable to participate in our immersion program to explore East Timor and visit our sister school Uaimori in the Viqueque region. During the time at Clonard in the lead up to the planned immersion dates, the students organised several BBQs and cake/slice stalls to raise funds which would support Uaimori. The money was sent over to Mr Mariano, the GVSF liaison person. Mr Mariano looks after us during every visit and the money has been used to establish an English language program for the Year 5 students. They are so grateful to be given this opportunity and to do so they attend school on a Saturday morning. The money has been used to print English booklets for each student, and Mr Mariano and his wife Paulina volunteer their time. At Clonard, we will continue to support the English program offered to the students. If you have participated in a Clonard-East Timor trip, please like the GVFS and Clonard facebook pages.

Uaimori Students participating in their English program
Uaimori Students displaying the English program booklets
Uaimori students practicing safe COVID-19 practices

David Whelan and Julie Whelan

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