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Timor Connected Community artist at work.

The Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools (GVFS) Committee is delighted to be announcing the commencement of our first annual art show this year in 2020. This art show titled ‘Art for Timor’ will exhibit extraordinary artworks from Monday the 2nd of November to Saturday the 28th of November at the Rachinger Gallery. The Rachinger Gallery will be open for public viewing Monday to Saturday during this time. Rachinger Gallery open Monday to Friday from 9:000am-5:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm. Celebrations of artist creativity will commence at the ‘Art for Timor’ Opening Night on November 2nd from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Save the date! If you have an enquiry about the ‘Art for Timor’ art show, you can contact the committee through the enquiry form as the bottom of the page.


The Art for Timor Theme & Artist Eligibility

The Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools hope that this event will help to connect the greater GVFS community closer together. This year’s theme “The Life and Land of Timor-Leste” has been chosen to allow artists to share their unique understanding and learnings about Timor-Leste. Artists are free interpret this theme as they wish. Some possible focus areas (subjects) could include: friendship, community values, Timor-Leste climate, smiles (i.e emotions of people), way of life, landscape scenery, local wildlife or overcoming hardships. The GVFS Committee only ask for artists to be mindful that the Rachinger Gallery is a family friendly space.

All artists aged 5 years and up are invited to participate. Artists of all abilities and experience levels are welcome. All art mediums are also welcome including photographic artworks and digital/filmed presentations. Some typical art mediums for primary students might include: Drawings (coloured pencil or black&white), water based paint, water colour paint, paper mache, paper collage, air dry clay, plasticine, felt & textiles on paper, oil pastel. In addition to the above examples, some typical art mediums for secondary students and Timor Connected Community artists may also include: metal/clay sculpture, charcoal, oil paint, acrylic paint, dry pastel, prints, etching, video presentation, print, mosaic, photography, printed graphic design and textiles/felt/fabric creation.


How to Participate in the ‘Art for Timor’ Art Show

1. Submit an Expression of Interest

Let the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools Committee know you’re interested by submitting an expression of interest. Expressions of interest help the Committee and Rachinger Gallery to forward plan. This also allows the Committee to easily contact you with new information surrounding the ‘Art for Timor’ art show. In addition, the GVFS would love to know who you are. The GVFS love connecting with the GVFS community. Please complete and return via e-mail (email on form) by 27/03/2020.

~Expression of interests now closed-

2. Register Your Artwork

Artists are welcome to register one or multiple artworks with the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools Committee by completing and returning the Single Artist- Art for Timor Registration From. A seperate from must be completed per artwork. If you collaborating with other artists to create an artwork together, remember to complete the Group Artists- Art for Timor Registration Form. Once completed, submit via e-mail (e-mail on form). Prior to registering any artworks, artists are asked to please read and agree to the terms and conditions below. Registrations open 30/03/2020 and close 16/09/2020.

~Registrations are now closed~

*The Art for Timor Consent Form is required only for artists registering photographic or photorealistic works in which a featured individual is easily recognisable.

3. Deliver Your Artwork

Artists will be asked to deliver their artwork artwork directly to the Rachinger Gallery during the specified installation period. Artists will be notified of the installation period times in the weeks prior to the event (post 16/09/2020). The Rachinger Gallery is located in the Eastern Community Hub. Address: 285A McKillop Street, East Geelong. Artists with video/digital presentations will be asked to submit their work via USB.

4. Enjoy the Event

Artists and community members are invited to view the ‘Art for Timor’ art show during the exhibition period between November 2nd and November 28th, 2020. Artists and community members are also invited to attend the ‘Art for Timor’ Opening Night in which the recipients of the Judges Choice Award are presented with a certificate. The Opening Night provides artists the opportunity to engage with the GVFS community and present their artwork. The ‘Art for Timor’ Opening Night on Monday November 2nd, will commence at 6:00pm and close at 7:30 pm. Remember also to vote for your favourite artwork as the People’s Choice Award will be presented to recipients during the GVFS Annual Dinner at the end of the exhibition period.

5. Event Wrap Up

In the event that an artist’s artwork has been purchased during the exhibition period, the artist will not be required to collect or deliver their artwork. The Rachinger Gallery will facilitate all sales. In the event that an artist’s artwork is not for sale or has not been purchased, the artist will be asked to collect their artwork from the Rachinger Gallery during specified collection times (post Saturday the 28th of November).


Artist Reference Images

  • Women and boys walking home along Atauro island beach at dusk.
  • The Dili Waterfront
  • Statue of Jesus Dilli

Anyone and everyone can get involved regardless of whether you’ve visited Timor-Leste or remained a Geelong supporter. As a result, the GVFS Committee have compiled a selection of reference images that can be used to help inspire works of art. All of these images were taken in Timor-Leste by members of the GVFS community. Please feel free to temporarily download and or print the reference images with the understanding that they will not be rebranded, posted online or sold to any third parties. Full credit and ownership of each image remains with the photographer. Please don’t hesitate to contact the GVFS Committee if you have any further questions or concerns.

Art for Timor Teaching Resources

Teachers, are you looking for tools to help inspire your students? This document (developed by qualified teachers) contains varied teaching resources, lesson plans and AFT registration forms in one collated document. Please download and use to assist in your lesson planning and help students to create their works of art. Please don’t hesitate to contact the committee if you require additional support or have any further questions.


Judging Criteria

The panel of judges will be awarding the ‘Judges Choice Award’ to one recipient in each Artist Category. Artist Categories include Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and Timor Connected Community (artists aged 18+). Recipients of the ‘Judges Choice Award’ will be announced as part of the ‘Art for Timor’ Opening Night events. Judges will be making their assessments using the following criteria points:

A) Interpretation of the Theme

B) Originality

C) Technical Skill (in relation to artist’s style type, skill level and or art medium)

Remember also to vote for your favourite works during the exhibition period. Community votes determine the recipients of the ‘People’s Choice Award’. The ‘People’s Choice Award’ in each Artist Category will be presented as part of the GVFS Annual Dinner at the end of the exhibition period.


Rachinger Gallery

Rachinger Gallery is a contemporary exhibition space located in Eastern Hub Community Centre in McKillop Street East Geelong. Available for exhibitions by artists, arts groups, schools and cultural organisations, the Gallery complements Eastern Hub’s Art Studio and art classes while showcasing the depth and diversity of the visual arts in Geelong.

The Gallery is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and 9am-2pm Saturday.


Art for Timor Printable Information

image of brochure
Art for Timor Poster

Please download and share the ‘Art for Timor’ poster. The GVFS are looking forward to hearing from you.


*Terms and Conditions

-Artists can register their artworks free of charge. Artwork registrations open Monday the 30th of March and close Wednesday the 16th of September, 2020. Art works must be complete at the time of registration for planning purposes. If artworks are nearing 100% completion (i.e 95% complete) by the close of the registration period, artists are encouraged to submit a registration form and contact the Committee to discuss in further detail.

-All artists and visitors are welcome to attend the ‘Art for Timor’ art show for free.

-Please note that during the ‘Art for Timor’ installation period, artists will be asked to deliver their artworks to the Rachinger Gallery ready to hang/ install. It is recommended that artwork created on paper is framed. Canvas artworks do not need to be framed but must be ready to hang. Digital presentations, textiles medium and sculptural artworks will not be hung.

-Please note that due to gallery space limitations, some artworks may not be accepted into the 2020 ‘Art for Timor’ art show. In the event that the gallery is unable to accept an artist’s artwork, The Geelong Viqueque Friendship Schools Committee will notify the artist directly.

-The ‘Art for Timor’ art show is both a community celebration event and a fundraiser. If artists choose to sell their artworks during the exhibition period, the proceeds will be distributed to the Rachinger Gallery (10%) and the Geelong Viqeuqeue Friendship Schools (90%). If artists wish to keep their artwork, they can list their artwork as “not for sale”.

-Artists registering photographic, video and photo realistic art works of *recognisable individuals*, must ensure that they have received consent from the featured individual (s). Content Forms can be downloaded of of the ‘Art for Timor’ webpage from the 30th of March, 2020.

-Any artworks depicting copyright images will not be accepted. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that they do not breach copyright law.

-Taking personal photos in the Rachinger Gallery is strictly limited to: artists taking an image of their own artwork (without other artists artworks visible in image). Taking personal photos in other areas of the Eastern Community hub is welcomed with the understanding that the subject (or guardian of the subject if under 18 years) has given the photographer consent. The GVFS committee will arrange for all other photos to be taken throughout the event.

-The optional reference images proved by the GVFS may be temporarily downloaded or printed whilst artworks are being created, however, this is with the understanding that they with not be rebranded, posted online or sold to any third parties.

-The GVFS committee and Rachinger Gallery will endeavour to monitor and observe the careful management of all artworks. Please be advised, however, that the GVFS or Rachinger Gallery are not liable for any damage or theft of the displayed artworks. Artists register their works at their own risk.


‘Art for Timor’ Enquiry Form

Still have a question? Want more information? Submit an enquiry below.

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