Peter’s ‘Art for Timor’ Works

The 'Art for Timor' Committee is thrilled that so many Geelong locals are enjoying their visits to the Rachinger Gallery to view the 'Art for Timor' Art show. For those who are currently unable to visit the gallery space, long time committee member (and former GVFS President) Peter Cannon has provided us with a sneak... Continue Reading →

Meet our ‘Art for Timor’ Judge

The Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools committee is delighted to introduce our 'Art for Timor' judge Alison White. Alison has kindly volunteered her time to judge GVFS's 'Art for Timor' art show. For each artist category, Alison will be making her assessments on the following criteria. A) Interpretation of the Theme B) Originality C) Technical Skill (in... Continue Reading →

Preparing your artwork for exhibition

We are fast approaching the Art for Timor Art Show! Whilst a lot of attention has gone into creating artwork, it is important to remember that they will be exhibited. This means that artists need to ensure that their artworks are ready to hang or display. Digital presentations and graphic artworks can be submitted via... Continue Reading →

‘Art for Timor’ Registration Form Tips

Some artists have experienced difficulties in completing the ‘Artwork Details’ component of the registration form. GVFS have received questions specifically about the ‘Recommended sale price’ and ‘Passage about your artwork’ components. Below is some advice.   . Tip 1. Determining your sale price If artists wish to list their artwork for sale in the “Art... Continue Reading →

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