2014 President’s Report to the AGM

The full transcript of the 2014 President's Report can be found below in the Newsletter Section. Here is a highlights package! The Butler Donation We have had another good year both in Viqueque and Geelong. The highlight has been the commencement of the allocation of funds from the Butler Donation, a most generous gift from... Continue Reading →

St Francis’ Orphanage in Viqueque

Many visitors to Viqueque stay at the accommodation provided by the sisters at St Francis Orphanage and Boarding School. The bedrooms are clean and the meals excellent meaning that it is a very pleasant place to stay. The orphanage has two kitchens and both are poorly ventilated, dark and in a very poor state. All... Continue Reading →

St Jospeph’s Students Donate $700

St Joseph's College students have again donated stationery, sports and art supplies to the value of $700 from their collection of dockets as part of Woolworths Earn and Learn and Coles Sports for Schools. These resources will be greatly appreciated by the students in the Viqueque schools.

Teacher Training Program at Loi-Huno

Peter Cannon recently received a cheque for $7,447 from the students at The Geelong College. Led by the Middle School SRC team they raised funds to support the schools in Viqueque, particularly their primary partner school Loi-Huno. The funds will be used for a teacher training program conducted at the school by qualified Timorese teachers... Continue Reading →

Geelong College Donation for Loi-Huno

Students from The Geelong College have made a generous donation of $7,447 towards support of schools in Viqueque, particularly their primary partner school at Loi-Huno. Loi-Huno PS is about twenty kilometres north of the Viqueque town on the road to Bacau. The funds will be used for a five-week intensive teacher training program conducted at... Continue Reading →

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