Libraries for Timor Leste

New libraries have now been established in St Teresinha, 01 Viqueque and 4 Septembro secondary schools. $5000 was given for the refurbishment of the library at 01 Viqueque with Mariano overseeing the project and acting as librarian. He visited Geelong as part of the principal and teacher professional development program. Virgilio who also was a... Continue Reading →

Keep the wheel turning

Veronica Gregoric and Noel Fanning have produced a short and evocative DVD Keep the Wheel Turning on Geelong’s small effort to support education in Viqueque. Much of the footage comes from Noel’s visit to East Timor in May 2011 when he joined a group of teachers and principals drawn from the Geelong-Viqueque Friendship Schools members.... Continue Reading →

Fostering Good Teaching in Timor Leste

A 21 day Professional Development Program was held in Geelong for four principals and three teachers from Viqueque partner schools. The program focused on how schools are managed, good teaching practices and English as a Second Language. The program was funded by the East Timor Ministry of Education ($30,000) and the generous support of Geelong... Continue Reading →

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