Geelong teachers and students to visit Timor Leste in 2018

In recent years, senior students and teachers from Geelong have been annually travelling to Timor Leste. Preparations are well under way this year in following Geelong schools: Kardinia International, Christian College, St Joseph’s College, Clonard College teachers from schools in St Mary’s Parish (Viqueque), Sacred Heart College (Baucau) and St Ignatius (Dili). Strong personal links... Continue Reading →

Making Connections: Clonard Students Visit Timor

Report by Olivia Hurley and Nikita Bone (Clonard College students) When we exited the plane our bodies were over-whelmed by the blazing heat and never-ending humidity. The climate along the coastline and the inland villages varied throughout the day but was prominently hot. Dili’s heat was long-lasting, humid and consistent throughout the night, juxtaposing the cooler... Continue Reading →

Seven Geelong Schools Support Timor Leste

2015 looks as if it will be record year for the number of Geelong schools visiting Timor Leste. Sacred Heart College and Christian College will spend part of their first term holidays there, while five other schools will make the journey later in the year. Clonard College, St Ignatius College, Kardinia International College, Geelong High... Continue Reading →

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