Viqueque Schools


Timor-Leste has 13 administrative divisions or districts: Bobonaro, Liquiçá, Díli,Baucau, Manatuto and Lautém on the north coast; Cova-Lima, Ainaro, Manufahi and Viqueque, on the south coast; Ermera and Aileu, the two landlocked districts; and Oecussi-Ambeno, the enclave in Indonesian territory. The borders of the 13 districts have been more or less the same since the last years of Portuguese administration. Each district comprises a capital city and various subdistricts whose number can vary between three and seven.


Viqueque is located on the south coast of the island. It has a population of 66,434 inhabitants (census 2004) and an area of 1,781 km².

The Viqueque district comprises the subdistricts of Lacluta, Ossu, Uatolari (formerly called Leça), Uato Carabau and Viqueque. In addition to the official languages of the country (Tetun and Portuguese), the majority of the population speaks Macassai.

The capital of the district is the town of the same name, Viqueque.

A map of Viqueque.
A map of Viqueque.

Geelong-Viqueque Partner Schools

View the following galleries which contain photographs of our partner schools in Viqueque:

Loi-Honu PS

Geelong School Viqueque School Type of School
Christian College Bellarine Calixa Secondary
Christian College Highton 4 Septembro Secondary
Clonard College Uaimori Primary
Geelong Grammar School Mundo Perdido Secondary
Geelong High School Mundo Perdido Junior Secondary
Kardinia International College Caibira Primary
Sacred Heart College St Teresinha Junior Secondary
St Francis Xavier PS St Estevao Secondary
St Ignatius College
St Joseph’s College 01 Viqueque Secondary

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